Ways You Can Serve in the Local Ministry of Birthline

You can help!  Your group can help!  Your church can help! You are the BIGGEST ASSET!

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Ministry Support:

  • Prayer partners are essential
  • Church liaisons to join with the ministry
  • Active, engaged board members

Financial Support:

  • Birthline needs churches and individuals to commit to regular financial support for monthly rent, curriculum expense, office costs, training costs, advertising, web expense to keep the work functioning adequately.
  • Donate Here!

Simple Work on the Building:

  • Cleaning one time or on regular basis
  • Carpet and furniture cleaning
  • Rebuilding of new space
  • Painting and repairs as needed

Support Assistance:

  • Mending, washing, sorting of clothing, seasonal changeover
  • Clean, repair, safety check donated furniture and large items
  • Sorting, organizing, purging files
  • Administrative Assistant

Work with Clients:
(These require training by Staff Trainers and acceptance by Birthline leadership)

  • Staff Mentor, working directly with clients in confidential setting, greatly needed
  • Pregnancy testing, post-abortion counseling
  • Advocate and mentor for fatherhood programs
  • Receptionist
  • Bible Studies assistant


  • Organize & plan fundraising events like banquets, baby bottle campaigns, etc.
  • Offer professional skills; marketing, publicity, graphic design, education art

Special Events & Hospitality:

  • Child care
  • Music
  • Event Presentations at Expos, Fairs, community functions
  • Provide refreshments, setup & tear down for special events.

Computer Work:

  • Data entry
  • Work on websites, social networking
  • Maintenance on computers


Please contact us here if you are interested in volunteering: