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We received this review on Google and wanted to share it. (Spelling corrections have been made to the original quote.)

"[I] took my sister-in-law to an appointment and this place is an amazing place for struggling mothers. Such a wonderful program for the community. [I] will be donating to the cause for sure. These people are angels and have a special place in heaven waiting for them."

The SRA Message Goes to the Hill...

Day on the Hill 2017 proved, once again to be a great opportunity for youth and adults to meet their Members of Congress and stress the importance of Congressional support for the sexual risk avoidance message...the healthiest message for the youth of our nation. 

Canena Adams, whom Birthline of Jackson, Inc. sent to Sexual Risk Avoidance Certification training was asked to speak at the Congressional briefing on the Hill.  The Executive Director of Birthline, Pat Sager has also received several trainings by the staff of Ascend regarding Sexual Risk Avoidance causing a real motivation to bring the training to the county of Jackson, Michigan in the very near future.

...and the United Nations

Ascend presented at two United Nations events last week, in conjunction with the 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women. The first event was entitled, “Root causes of trafficking in persons: irreplaceable role of the family for protection and prevention.”  The second one was, "The family, child well-being, and the protection and empowerment of girls."  Valerie Huber was honored to present at both events and assured delegates of other nations that they can share their support for SRA with confidence, since research shows the approach to help youth not only delay sex, but improve their future life prospects as well. 

God’s Great Provision

A theft that began from a Walmart distribution dock in Mississippi  and ended in Wixom with an arrest by the Michigan State Police 1st District Hometown Security Team, brought formula to babies in four Michigan counties.

Pat Sager, Executive Director of Birthline Pregnancy & Parenting Center in Jackson said she was notified that the team had confiscated stolen property of over 2100 cans of infant formula on its way to being sold to ISIS fighters overseas for high protein.  Pat contacted 10 Pregnancy Resource Centers in the four counties where these troupers are assigned to work the highways preventing drug, illegal and human trafficking; Washtenaw, Ingham, Monroe and Jackson to share this formula with them and their clients.

Pregnancy Resource Centers are life focused centers that are intent on providing compassionate care and meaningful service to moms and dads experiencing unplanned pregnancies or difficult times.  We champion the lives of the smallest child and respond generously to the lives and lifetimes of clients that we serve.

Most Centers are supported by local donations.



The Fourth Annual Index of Family Belonging and Rejection

  • Only 46 percent of American 15- to 17-year-olds were raised with both their biological parents married to one another (belonging to each other) since before or around the time of their birth.
  • The parents of 54 percent of American 15- to 17-year-olds have rejected one another.
  • Regionally, the Northeast (50 percent) has the highest Family Belonging Index and the South (42 percent) has the lowest.
  • Utah (57 percent), Minnesota (56 percent), and Nebraska (55 percent) have the highest Family Belonging Indices of all the states.
  • The District of Columbia (17 percent), Mississippi (32 percent), and Louisiana (36 percent) have the lowest Family Belonging Indices of all the states.
  • Family belonging is strongest among Asians (65 percent) and weakest among Blacks (17 percent).

Client Story:

I started attending Birthline for the first time when I was pregnant for my first child at the age of seventeen.  After giving birth, the struggles of being a first-time, single, teenage parent made it difficult to attend.  Again in 2012, I started services with Birthline while I was expecting my second child.  Again, life circumstances made it difficult to continue coming once my son was born.  Here I am again; expecting my third child. Hopefully once he is born I can continue with my appointments at Birthline so I can benefit even more from additional lessons I have yet to take.

Birthline has benefited me in many ways.  Not just me, but also my husband and children, for it has made me a more understanding and better person, parent, and wife.

Lessons such as “Smoking and Your Developing Baby” and “Pregnancy” has helped me understand the “behind the  scenes” aspect of what is going on with my body and the changes the baby is going through before he is born. The “Toilet Training” lesson gave me tips on how to make the process easier for my two-year old.  “Parenting the Special Needs Child” has given me hope and insight on how to handle situations as they arise with my seven-year old who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.  All of these lessons and more have made me a more patient and understanding mother.

It doesn’t end there though.  “Discovering what Type of Parent You Are” has made me take a closer look at how I am raising my children, but also, paired with the “Staying Married” lesson, it has also made me a better wife.  My husband and I find it easier to stand together and work as a team, instead of two separate individuals.

The more lessons I take, the better I feel about myself, my marriage, and my parenting.  It helps to know that I am not alone and that there are other people going through the same situations that I am.



Client Story:

What Birthline Means to Me:

A recommendation from a family member brought me to Birthline of Jackson. I was in a tough financial situation, but more than anything I wanted education related to parenting. When I found out that I could earn essentials for my baby, while I learned, I was ecstatic. I had been worried sick that I wouldn't be able to afford things like a crib and a high chair. Knowing that I will be able to provide better for my daughter because of Birthline has made me sleep easier at night. I can not believe that so many people donate the items they do, out of the goodness of their hearts. I can't wait until my daughter outgrows some of the items I have for her, and I can donate them to help other mothers as much as Birthline has helped me. My life has become less stressful knowing that Birthline could take some financial burden off of me, and I am confident that with the skills I learn I can be an excellent parent. To me, Birthline is like a family member or a close friend here to take some of the weight off my shoulders.

Thank you again,

Note: Sabra earned a brand new crib for her baby and has time to earn the mattress and other essentials before the baby is born.  In the meantime, she is learning many important parenting skills.

Client Story:Quintoria and Daughter

A few months ago, back in October, I was blessed with my own place. Upon receiving this blessing, I was faced with the reality that I didn’t have a crib for my now one year old daughter or beds for my four year old daughter and myself. I was told by the organization that assisted me in getting my own home (The Aware Shelter) that there were several organizations in the area that could assist me. The first number they gave me was St. Vincent De Paul’s.

I set up an appointment with the people at St. Vincent De Paul after explaining my situation. Shortly after speaking to them, they came to visit and during this visit I was given the number to Birthline. I immediately went by and have been going ever since. I was truly amazed at how helpful, open and welcoming the women at the office were to me.

From day one, the word “helpful” is an under-statement for all they’ve done for my girls and I.  The lessons I’ve been able to watch have definitely assisted me in my way of thinking and parenting. I’m far from being an expert at parenting but I definitely have had a good amount of experience with my one and four year olds. However the lessons have given me insight on different techniques, what I’ve been doing right and what I can be doing much better with my girls. In addition to the video lessons, speaking with the ladies there has been a tremendous help too. Being able to speak with women who have already raised their families was amazing. They couldn’t provide an answer, they would find someone that could. They were also very reassuring and encouraging in my parenting abilities which in turn gave me more confidence in being a single mother. They are a great support system.

And as if that’s not enough, they also provide new/used baby furniture for little to no cost to you. You’re getting blessed for going to learn how to be a better parent. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I’m at the point now where I’ve been able to save enough baby dollars to purchase the crib I so desperately need for my baby. It’s definitely an indescribable feeling to know complete strangers can go out of their way to help my daughters and I.

I am forever grateful to your organization for being such a blessing to my family. I would recommend your services to any one that is pregnant or has young children. May God continue to bless all you volunteers, employees and your organization as a whole.

Thank you so much,


Client Story:

Birthline you have helped out our family so much. We started out at 18 and 19 years old, young for having our own apartment, car, and our beautiful daughter Gabrielle. It’s tough but I wouldn’t change anything for the world.  We only have one income because I (mommy) stay home with Gabi. I try to babysit on the side for extra money. Money was tight before we had a baby. But Birthline has offered to teach us as parents about our baby.  People that are expecting can also benefit from learning some things about their babies as they grow. 

For doing the lessons and homework, you earn Baby Dollars. Then you can have fun spending them. They have only gently used and new things, so the things are clean and nice. We have gotten a crib, clothes, blankets, baby food and formula. This is only possible by people donating stuff to Birthline. This program has helped us as well as many other people. 

I have learned great new things with Birthline, not the same old repetitive stuff. We have learned about infant massage, what babies know already when they enter the world, and why they feel closer to mom at first, and many other great things. 

Birthline, I’m proud to say you helped me and a lot of others through tough times. When Gabi grows out of things I plan on donating them back. I hope the donors continue to donate. Thank you so much. You have helped so many.

Thank you Birthline,
Danette & James