Client Story – Quintoria

A few months ago, back in October, I was blessed with my own place. Upon receiving this blessing, I was faced with the reality that I didn’t have a crib for my now one year old daughter or beds for my four year old daughter and myself. I was told by the organization that assisted me in getting my own home (The Aware Shelter) that there were several organizations in the area that could assist me. The first number they gave me was St. Vincent De Paul’s.

I set up an appointment with the people at St. Vincent De Paul after explaining my situation. Shortly after speaking to them, they came to visit and during this visit I was given the number to Birthline. I immediately went by and have been going ever since. I was truly amazed at how helpful, open and welcoming the women at the office were to me.

From day one, the word “helpful” is an under-statement for all they’ve done for my girls and I.  The lessons I’ve been able to watch have definitely assisted me in my way of thinking and parenting. I’m far from being an expert at parenting but I definitely have had a good amount of experience with my one and four year olds. However the lessons have given me insight on different techniques, what I’ve been doing right and what I can be doing much better with my girls. In addition to the video lessons, speaking with the ladies there has been a tremendous help too. Being able to speak with women who have already raised their families was amazing. They couldn’t provide an answer, they would find someone that could. They were also very reassuring and encouraging in my parenting abilities which in turn gave me more confidence in being a single mother. They are a great support system.

And as if that’s not enough, they also provide new/used baby furniture for little to no cost to you. You’re getting blessed for going to learn how to be a better parent. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I’m at the point now where I’ve been able to save enough baby dollars to purchase the crib I so desperately need for my baby. It’s definitely an indescribable feeling to know complete strangers can go out of their way to help my daughters and I.

I am forever grateful to your organization for being such a blessing to my family. I would recommend your services to any one that is pregnant or has young children. May God continue to bless all you volunteers, employees and your organization as a whole.

Thank you so much,